Baby W’s Big Adventure into the World

The Waiting

Time is a funny thing when you are pregnant. The 9 months you carry your child seems like a whirlwind that goes by way too quickly and yet those last few weeks feel like an eternity. I am not sure if it is the excitement of wanting to meet your new little person, hormones, anxiety or some combination of all of these that makes the last few weeks of pregnancy drag…. On… f.o.r.e.v.e.r………… The last week I was pregnant I was trying everything and anything to induce labor. I was walking 4-5 miles a day while eating pineapple and consuming as much spicy food as possible. I tried so many things that finally I just gave up.

Two nights after giving up and deciding that I was going to just be pregnant forever, I was woken up by a very odd sensation… my water broke. It was 4:00 AM and I jumped out of bed running to the bathroom. So, many thoughts
ran through my head. Should I wake up my boyfriend? Should I shower? Should I go immediately to the hospital? Should I wait it out and not disturb anyone just yet?

The Early Labor

We arrived at the hospital around 5:00 am and at that point my contractions were already less than 2 minutes apart. Things seemed to be progressing rather quickly. I remember thinking “Oh… these really do hurt…”. As the hospital staff worked to get us settled into our room, we began notifying family that we had arrived. My mom was our first visitor to arrive around 6:00 am. As the day progressed, all of our parents joined us. After all, this was everyone’s first grandchild.

We had a few wild moments throughout our day. At one point, our nurse came rushing into the room, quickly instructed me to roll to my side. As she shoved the oxygen mask down on my face about 6 other nurses and the doctor came rushing into the room. One nurse quickly touched my leg asking me if I could feel anything. I replied “no” and she jammed a needle in the top of my thigh. Other nurses were monitoring heart rates (mine and the babies), calling out numbers as the doctor quickly examined me. As everything settled, they informed me that my contractions had become too intense and our little boy was in distress. The injection they had given me was to slow down my contractions.

And when I say slow down… things become very, very slow. The rest of the day revolved around how many popsicles I was allowed to eat while my family sipped cold beverages (exact type to remain unnamed, but lets just say it was celebratory).

The Big Push

Finally, around 11:30 PM we were informed it was time to start pushing. The nurse began instructing me on how to go about this as they filed my family out of the room and a 3-4 nurses, the doctor and residents entered the room. The doctor made a sarcastic comment about my child being born to “Family Guy” (I had not even noticed that it was on the TV due to nerves building up inside me). However, I was glad he said something because this happens to be one of my least favorite shows. We quickly changed the channel to “Friends” which was too perfect (this is one of my all time favorites).

At this point, I was instructed to begin pushing. Once we started, I had no desire to stop. We pushed for a little less than an hour (thankfully that was all it took). Suddenly, the nurses were laying blankets across my belly and chest as they told me to push once more. Before I knew it, they had plopped our little boy down on my chest.

Meeting the Perfect Little Boy

As he wiggled around on my chest for his first time out in the real world I felt so many emotions all at once. Amazed that he was actually here, slightly frightened that he was actually here, but overall I instantly loved him. He slowly opened one eye at a time and I was completely mesmerized by him.

Our First Few Hours

The first few hours were such a whirlwind. I wish I had paid better attention to the details. But, to be honest, I was too exhausted and overwhelmed to pay attention. My family met us in our recovery room. I am so thankful they stayed the whole time to support us and to welcome baby W into the world with us. It was amazing to watch the love of my life become a Dad, my parents become grandparents and my amazing sister-in-law become an Aunt.

This was the craziest 21 hours of my life. I never knew life could change so quickly. We may be a little more tired then we used to be, stay home a little more often, but none of that matters anymore. This little boy is what matters now. He has completely stolen our hearts and our lives revolve around him. He has only been with us a few short months but I truly cannot imagine our lives without him.

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