How painting with your baby can challenge their milestones

When I stumbled upon this fun idea of creating artwork (original pin found here ) with our little boy I did not decide to complete the project to encourage his development. In fact, it was part of his first father’s day gift for his dad. That was the original intention of the project… a fun activity for them to do together while making something we could cherish and allow us to always remember the first father’s day.

The project met all the goals listed above and by far exceeded my expectations of a worthwhile activity. Not only was it a fun activity, it also allowed our little boy to work in different developmental postures while encouraging tactile play!! What do I mean by this? Let me explain further…

1. We were able to work on so many different gross motor skills.

We practiced sitting, did some tummy time, even walked on the painting! The different setting gave our little boy something new and fun to look at while practicing his different positions/postures encouraging core strength and extremity strength (legs and arms).

2. New sensations galore provided our little love with new stimulus to touch and feel!!

The saran wrap covering the paint was a new sensation to our little babe. The paint blobs underneath the saran wrap were squishy and he loved smashing the blobs with his little fingers. There were new things to touch and feel and he loved every minute of it!

3. Visually stimulating as well!

The different colors were fascinating to our little boy. He reached for the different colors and had a blast watching them squish and spread out under his fingers.

Father son fun!

4. Best of all, this was a fun activity for my two favorite boys to do together.

Moms spend so much time bonding with the babies that I think sometimes the dads are forgotten about. Watching the two of them create this picture together was too perfect. It was an activity just for them.


1. Canvas
2. Paint ( I used acrylic paint.  Type of paint is your choice)
3. Saran wrap
4. Large towel


This post contains affiliate links to all products that were needed for this project.  Enjoy!


1. Lay towel down on floor
2. Squirt different sized blobs of paint on canvas (different sizes and different colors)
3. Wrap the canvas in saran wrap (be careful to not smash the paint too much, that takes away all of the fun!)
4. Place your baby near or on the canvas (in whichever postures you would like to encourage. Ie. Sitting, tummy time etc)
5. Let him/her go to town on the paint
6. When finished, carefully unwrap and allow to dry!

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