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How to Return to Exercise After Baby: Postpartum Exercise Guidelines

So, you have done it. You have successfully had a healthy pregnancy, delivered a beautiful little baby that sleeps peacefully in your perfect little nursery (if still pregnant and seeking exercise guidelines see my previous post here). You are consistently juggling diaper changes with feedings while incorporating tummy time; basically you are rocking motherhood. Then it dawns on you. I am doing such a great job keeping this tiny human alive… However, when do I start working on me? How do I go about beginning a postpartum exercise program that will …

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The Ultimate Guide to Safe Exercise when Pregnant

This post is in reference to pregnant women who have been cleared by their physician to participate in an exercise program while pregnant. If you have any questions or concerns about your current pregnancy please speak with your physician prior to initiating an exercising program. Again, this post is in reference to pregnant women in the absence of any medical or obstetric complications who have been cleared by their physician to participate in exercise. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links to all products that I love and use daily. 

 The big news of being pregnant comes with many changes. Things you cannot eat, things you cannot drink and things you are no long allowed to do for the next 9 months. Fortunately, research shows that exercise is not one of those things you have to abandon! In fact, exercising while pregnant (as long as your pregnancy does not have any complications and you have been cleared by your physician) has been shown to be beneficial to both the mother and unborn child. In this post, we will review the benefits of exercise while pregnant, the do’s and don’ts and how to monitor yourself to ensure the safety of you and your child….

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